Communication Workshops

We can communicate about communication. We often know how to do it - or better - how it can be done more efficiently. But actually doing it is a completely different story!

Providing feedback, bringing bad news, coaching your employees; everything falls and stands with the right questions and the good things being said at the most convenient time. We did not learn driving by talking about it. The same rule applies to communicating; you can practice it and become better, more confident and more effective at it!

And I have practised a lot with that. You can use me for 'tailor-made training', in which we first look in detail at what is most useful to you or your organization to work on. Below are a few examples of workshops that have already proven their effect at several companies:

More presentable in presentation skills

Get to know your own likeability factors and discover how you use them to get the public interested in your service or product. Present your message with the biggest effect!
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Crazy about feedback

Using theatre improvisations in a playful manner to make the feedback rules your own and ultimately link them to daily practice in the workplace.
Read more about it here!

Picture Yourself!

Dare to literally look at yourself when you are 'in power' and when you step back into that eternal pitfall. After several game assignments, you make things visible with a photo camera!
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Wondering what I can do for you? Let me know!