CV Trainer/Roleplaying actor

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WouterBraaf CV Trainer/acteur 2019

In 2006 I graduated as Bachelor in Training Actor at the NHL, graduation internship Boertiengroep

I have experience as a senior training actor with, among other things, the following types of trainings and methodologies:

  • Assessments
  • Interview techniques
  • Intervision with SPIN methodology
  • Sales training, Customer focus, Telephone coaching
  • Effective conversation skills
  • Aggression and resilience
  • Management Courses, Absence Interviews
  • Managing projects, Situational management
  • Interrogation techniques
  • Communicate in multi party situations
  • Giving feedback
  • Personal presentation & profiling / Media training
  • Acquiring and networking
  • Rose of Leary, LSD, SMART, STAR, GITP Communication styles, etc
  • Directing models, playback theater, rehearsed scenes, etc

I also work independently as a trainer and co-trainer with participants. In addition, I regularly give training in English.

Ondertussen mocht ik voor meer dan 250 bedrijven en organisaties deelnemers trainen, waaronder bij;