Theatre Workshops

Meneer Capulet spreekt voedster toe

By providing theatre workshops, I can perfectly combine my experiences as a singer and actor with what I have been trained for in the first place; Drama teacher and Director. The class varies from primary school pupils to students at the university and everyone who has not been in school for a long time but gets very happy when it comes to theatre!

Here a number of workshops that I give:

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Besides being able to choose from existing workshops, it is of course very nice to adapt the teaching material to the target group! Therefore indicate which age, group size, level (experience) and theme are involved, and I develop a customized workshop for you!

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Combining theatre and communication skills ? Look here at some examples.

Are you working on a production and is it an idea to give some extra support to the makers and / or players in a certain area? Let me know, we'll get started right away!

Ask here for more information and / or let me know what you are looking for!